EURODRAM, German Language Committee, CALL 2023 : Documents required

[German version]
Translation: Pauline Wick / Blažena Radas

Eurodram Selection 2023

Documents required for the submission of a translated play to the German Language Committee (Wolfgang Barth,

The translated play in its German version (as a PDF or Word document)

A separate document (you can just copy-paste the form below, fill it out, print it out, sign it, scan it as a PDF and send it to the email address listed above) with the following information:

Title of the play (original and translated title): xxx
Playwright and playwright’s contact details: xxx
Translator and translator’s contact details: xxx
Source language: xxx
Place and time of writing: xxx
Place and time of translation: xxx

Short summary (approx. 5 – 10 lines)
Short introduction to the playwright and his/her previous work
Short introduction to the translator and his/her previous work

If applicable:

Publishing house: xxx
Place and time of the publication of the translation: xxx
Readings, premiere, productions of the translation: xxx
Funding or awards received for the translation: xxx
Already translated into other languages: xxx

Signed declaration (playwright/translator/publisher, if applicable):

As the owner of the rights, I (we) hereby permit that the translation of the play xxx may be passed on within the German-speaking committee to decide on the Eurodram 2023 selection. It may be used free of charge for readings within Eurodram events.

Place, Date                                                           Signature/Role

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